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Figures and Facts of our Training

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Makeupschool Training Content

You will receive a 3-year full-time training with us. The professionally structured lessons optimally prepare you for the state qualification from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Berlin and for your later professional life as a makeup artist.

Hygiene and care

Both workplace and personal hygiene are important topics that we cannot ignore. It is important that you have the sensitivity and the necessary know-how to give actors the best possible advice and to prepare their skin for the day of shooting. Get to know the needs of the skin and the different skin types.
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SFX Makeup

A small scratch, a gaping head wound or even whip lashes. The SFX makeup is characterized by its versatility. Wax, silicone, blood, pus and nasal mucus are among your most important companions. In this unit, you learn how to create wounds with plastics and pay attention to the details. Because the art is in the detail.
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SFX Prosthetics

Here we learn to work materials such as warm and cold foam, silicone, gelatine. Change someone’s face with a fake nose or even a weird head shape. Let your creativity play and create your own being.
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Preparation means being prepared to access and give your very best. It means being engaged and committed to training and developing skills and absorbing knowledge. In addition to a good professional foundation, preparation for working life after the training is just as relevant. For this reason, it is important to collect photos of your classwork and to have your own website ready early.

Beauty Makeup

Get the most out of a face. Learn makeup skills required for photographers, catwalks, the stage and film/television. This is where smokey eyes, 1920s makeup, naturalness… and much more become interesting. You will get to know the unwritten laws of beauty makeup here.
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Modern Hairstyles

In this unit you learn modern hairdressing. Whether updo, blow-dry wave or braided hairstyle. Aesthetics play a major role here. Which hairstyle suits which head and face shape?
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Mold making

In this unit you will learn how to handle and work with different materials. This includes the properties and processing of the different types of plaster.

Theory Lessons

And of course, the more theoretical components of your training should not be forgotten. Business and social studies, subject-specific written and spoken English as well as art history and stylistics are among your theoretical subjects.

Character Makeup

What would an acting role be without an accompanying character? Discover this unity, learn to give the character expression and help the actor bring role to life.
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Historical Haircuts

A major part of your training will focus on historical hairdressing. Whether Greek, turn-of-the-century, rococo or the 40s/50s, you will learn to create the hairstyles of all the historical eras.
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Photography and Image Editing

Why is this photograph too dark or too light? We’ll teach you the basics of photography and image editing – you will compile beautiful photos for your portfolio.
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Application Phase

Another unit that prepares you for your professional life is the application phase. A lot has happened in the last few years. Learn how to attract the attention of potential employers to you and your work.

Commercial Basics

What happens after your training? How do you write an invoice? In which area do you want to work? What are the remaining obstacles in your path? What doubts, what questions do you have?
Take note – these lessons pave the way for your professional life.

Old Age Makeup

Have you ever wondered what it means to age 30 years (or more)? In this class you will learn exactly that. With little tricks of the trade you will learn the exact methods and procedures, as well as how to manipulate, modulate and remove.
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Show Hairstyles

This class calls upon your imagination. Challenge your skills and phantasy. Create your own individual catwalk hairstyle. Show us what you have already learned and what you can do with hair.
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Crash Course in Haircutting

In our haircutting taster course you will learn all the skills and basic techniques of haircutting. This course is aimed at all interested students without prior hairdressing training, who would like to start training as a makeup artist.
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Our training

You will get a fully equipped workstation which is available for the entire 3-year training. The training to become a makeup artist is very material-intensive, which results in high costs. So that you can fully concentrate on your training, you do not need to calculate any additional costs.
You will receive a "supplies flat rate" from us, so the products you need for your training will be made available to you continuously and free of charge.

To achieve your ideas, you need makeup tools like wigs, hairpieces, straightening irons etc. To enable you to do your best work, we will provide you with our free and extensive rental service.

Practical part of the training
Theoretical part of the training
Working with hair, wigs and beards
Working with Makeup and SFX products

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